Solo girl in Jordan – will it be safe?

Solo girl in Jordan – will it be safe?

For a long time I experienced wished to visit Jordan but could decide whether I’d n’t travel there completely solo (this is certainly, individually) or join an organization trip. My inclination is often the previous, but Jordan is within the center East, and it is a predominantly muslim nation. Exactly How would a solo woman in Jordan fare?

After my bad experience with Egypt (and also to a lesser level Morocco), I became wary. Firstly, just exactly how safe ended up being Jordan generally speaking? Enclosed by Syria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, this appeared like a question that is valid. And next, just how much discrimination and harassment may I expect as being a girl travelling solamente?

Going to the Amman Citadel

In the long run, used to do spend the majority of my amount of time in Jordan with friends but nevertheless was able to be on my own a number of the time pre and post the trip. Here are my impressions of exactly just just what it is prefer to be a solamente girl in Jordan and exactly why finally we made a decision to opt for a trip.

Just How safe and hassle-free is solo travel in Jordan?

We invested time walking on metropolitan areas by myself, both throughout the day plus in the evening that is early. In addition had some solamente amount of time in Petra. We went sightseeing, had meals alone, and entered some stores. Here’s exactly exactly exactly what I experienced.

Travelling/sightseeing alone

We stepped extensively from the roads of Amman and Madaba without having the hassle that is slightest. No body bugged me personally or accompanied me. I really could have been around in an united states or European town! This is a contrast that is huge my solamente expertise in Egypt back in 1997.

Not merely had been individuals maybe maybe maybe not irritating me personally, these people were inviting me personally! One after sunset, I was walking in downtown Amman, where sidewalk patios bustled with locals who had just broken the fast of Ramadan evening. A boy that is little at a dining dining dining table together with his household yelled “Welcome to Jordan! ” while I waited at a traffic light.

Walking in downtown Amman in the evening felt safe

At midday, we stepped down through the Amman Citadel towards the Roman Theatre by myself beneath the hot sun. The roads had been pretty empty, however a girl that is little at me personally from a balcony. ??

We invested a whole time walking around Madaba and visiting archeological internet sites and churches. Yet again, no body harassed me personally. The worst incident had been a vintage guy whom began directing me personally around a niche site without me personally asking, after which expected a tip.

Automobiles usually stopped to allow me get a get a get a cross the trail (a courtesy that is ignored in many of this globe). Even yet in busy Amman, we as soon as attempted crossing a multi-lane boulevard with non-stop traffic (the traffic lights had been really far). A motorist finally stopped to allow me get a get a cross, and in addition stuck down his supply to quit one other lane of traffic!

Therefore maybe perhaps perhaps not people that are only maybe perhaps perhaps not hassling me personally, these people were courteous aswell.

Consuming solamente

We just had one dinner without any help, a meal in Madaba. Nonetheless I didn’t feel awkward sitting by myself and I also had been offered just like a normal patron. It absolutely was mid-afternoon therefore the space ended up being mostly empty. The food arrived immediately and I also didn’t get any condescending chit-chat through the waiter when I did in Egypt (“You’re alone? Where is the household? ” type of crap).

I experienced a couple of other dishes with one girl buddy through the combined team, and here once once once again the solution staff had been friendly and helpful without any mindset whatsoever.

Another plus side to Jordan is the fact that wait staff and individuals whom operate in tourism all have actually a significant amount of English, which means you don’t need to worry way too much about interaction issues.

If any such thing, shop clerks had been really aloof, unlike in Moroccan stores. When, We wandered into a souvenir store with a buddy. The worker ended up being chatting on his phone and ignored us your whole time we were here him to purchase something)(until we approached.

Walking into convenient shops to get water and treats produced the interaction that is standard. Using one event used to do wonder if I became being overcharged for the bottle of water because of the dour clerk, but which wasn’t a deal that is big.

On another event we wandered in to a laundry/dry-cleaning store to find out more about costs. The senior gentleman at the countertop asked me personally where I became from and also tried talking French in my experience. Once I came back with some garments the next day, he didn’t offer me personally a receipt of all kinds. “I’m sure you! ” he said. “Come right right back at six. ”


My experience with resort staff had been great too. They certainly were helpful rather than creepy, also regarding the one evening we invested entirely alone in a Madaba resort. I recommend choosing quality that is good or hostels however. See the reviews on internet web sites like or HostelBooker.

For instance, the Art resort in Amman is just a mid-range that is good and it is completely found to achieve the primary tourist attractions in Amman by foot. The employees in the desk that is front friendly and talks good English.

Art Resort in Amman


I did son’t use transportation alone but read about other solamente females in Jordan using a personal motorist and maybe not experiencing any issues. It is easier to book drivers straight from your own resort where in fact the prices are fixed (and making it possible to grumble if such a thing ever did get wrong).

Hoping to get a reasonable cost from the regular cab you will find regarding the road will be a lot harder, especially if you’re all on your own. While at Petra, my whole trip set of eight individuals had been quoted twice the going price for two taxis. We simply wished to go right to the town centre for supper. Finally, we had been in a position to deal them straight straight straight down somewhat proceed this link here now for the return trip. We question i really could have inked this by myself.

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